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View of the Seine at Herblay 1889 by Paul Signac

    1. Framed: The product is mounted and framed as display.
    2. Rolled in a tube: The canvas will be sent in a mailing tube
    3. Our prints feature the very latest digital print technology that affords you a long lasting, colour rich print solution that is true to the image. The product is mounted and framed as display.
    4. Size: 40x60cm, measured by the inside dimensions.
    5. Hanging kit included.
  • Paul Signac (1863-1935)

    Paul Signac was a French Neo-Impressionist painter, who along with Georges Seurat played a major role in the development of the Pointillist style. Signac's favourite motifs were Mediterranean landscapes, usually including the sea and boats, which he loved. His best-known works were meticulously painted with a fine brush in brightly colored dots, a method described by contemporary critics as painted confetti and artistic smallpox.

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