Custom Canvas Stretching

  • If you have a rolled canvas painting or print from a trip abroad, a family heirloom or an art sale, the best way to display it to its full potential is to have it stretched.
  • Stretching a canvas results in a beautiful, ready-to-hang artwork that can be displayed as is, or Framed in a Canvas Shadow Box. You have a number of options when you choose to have your special piece stretched at Me Me Art.
    Revealing an rolled canvas original painting
    Rolled canvas before stretch
    Revealing an rolled canvas original painting
    Canvas stretched over a wooden frame
    Revealing an rolled canvas original painting
    View from angle
    Revealing an rolled canvas original painting
    Optional: Stretched canvas
    inside a shadow box


    Your rolled canvas will be laid over a pine stretcher bar frame, the outer edge of which coincides with the part of the artwork you want to display (the front), pulled very tightly, and stapled to the back. Stretcher bars are available in a variety of widths -the larger the dimensions of your canvas, the wider the frame must be to support the final weight without bowing or breaking.

    Stretcher bars come in many different depths as well (the width of the drop edge). Generally, larger canvases look good on thicker frames, while smaller canvases look better on thinner frames, but the choice in yours. In some cases, however, your selection may be limited by your canvas.

    There must be enough surrounding, blank or unneeded canvas (that is not going to show on the front) to wrap around the stretcher bar frame to the back. For instance, if you have only 3cm of excess on each side, it is not advisable to mount your canvas on 2.5cm bars - there is too little canvas to wrap all the way around and therefore it is extremely difficult for the framer to stretch the canvas tight enough. This can result in dimples and valleys in your canvas, which will only worsen as time goes on.

    The more excess canvas around your artwork, the better. Too much can always be cut off once the piece is mounted on the stretcher bar frame, but if there's not enough, more cannot be added on.

    If your canvas has plenty of excess, you need to consider what look you would like to display. The stretcher bar depth measurement translates to how far the face of your canvas will protrude out from the wall.

    Once you have determined the depth you want, our framer will create a custom frame especially for your canvas. This sturdy, lasting frame will support and display your piece for generations.

    three depths of stretcher bars
    Three types of stretcher bars.

    Wrapped canvas corner.
    Wrapped canvas corner.


    Price calculated by linear metre ($30 per metre). For example, total linear meter of a 40x60cm canvas is 2 meters, so the price for the canvas stretching service is $60.


    1. Pricing includes both the wooden stretcher frame and the stretching service.
    2. All stretched frames are ready to hang, with appropriate hardware attached.
    3. Heavy duty surcharge of $5 per metre if one single canvas total linear metres above 5m.

    Melbourne: 2/22 Furlong street, Cranbourne West VIC 3977

    Perth: 1/49 Mordaunt Cct, Canning Vale WA 6155

    If you have a rolled canvas you want to have stretched, but are still unsure of your options, don't hesitate to contact us.