Art Gallery Picture Hanging System Display Track System - All in One 2m Click Rail System

    1. Package includes: 2 metre picture hanging track (click rail), 2 x end caps, 6 x click buttons, 4 x cobra head clear/stainless steel hanging cable, 4 x adjustable picture hooks. (self-locking hooks as in last product image for steel wire; manual adjusting hooks as in second last product image for nylon wire)
    2. Easily adjust pictures horizontally and vertically
    3. Add, remove, and change your display effortlessly
    4. Material: Aluminium.
    5. Colour: Silver matted, White options
    6. Size: as in product image
    7. Max weight load: approx. 30kg per length.
    8. All art hanging accessories are available on our website.
    9. The Click Rail Art Picture Hanging System has a discrete, sleek look for your office, home or art gallery. The installation hardware is expertly hidden from view and you will see a flat surface only. The flat surface will be enclosing a hanging cable which is made of stainless steel or clear nylon which will be emerging discreetly from the bottom edge of the easy hanging art rail system.

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