How to Choose the Right Frame for Your Paintings

February 01, 2017 5 Comments

What goes around a painting is almost as important as the painting itself, and since frames today are available in hundreds of styles the choices are practically endless. In this blog, we would like to talk one or two things: why and how to choose the right frame for an oil or acrylic painting.


The importance about having a frame for the artworks

The primary purpose of a frame on an oil or acrylic painting is to focus your attention on the work of art—to create an unified whole that stands alone, separate, and invites undisturbed contemplation.

See the below before and after pictures for the same painting ‘Sailing’. You can clearly see canvas works with a shadow-box frame always look more “finished” and considered. What’s more, frames also protect your paintings from being banged around.



Some advices when choosing a frame for your paintings

In general the following issues should be considered:

1) Painting's style

A painting’s style should suggest the frame style. For example, a period painting or one of classical subject matter is well suited to a timeless, traditional, elegant gold-leafed frame or a handsome walnut or mahogany wood frame.


Lighter, ethereal, or more abstract paintings may look best in sleek, less fussy frames. For most contemporary/modern paintings, we would recommend they go with a floating frame as below picture.


At, we offer five colours to choose: gold, champagne, natural oak, black and white. They are all basic and neutral colours and could perfectly match most of the modern paintings.


2)  Choose the frame colour first to fit with the canvas 

Generally, it is better to choose as the frame colour that is not the dominant colour of the painting. It is essential that the frame does not distract from the painting, but rather accentuates it and draws out the main focus or key element. In order to achieve continuity without overwhelming the eye, the colour of the frame should match one of the colours in the painting’s background. If you are unsure of your choice, choose a neutral and simple colour,

In the example below, we chose to frame the similar colour of the art work.

 Titled: Abstract Hand Painting - QC010 Waverock

3) The atmosphere of the room where the painting will hang.

Select a frame that will complement your room’s decorating style and colour palette. I would say black wooden frame is a timeless choice for any home decor and colour scheme. They also provide a neutral, classic border that enhances almost any oil painting.

 Titled:  Abstract Hand Painting - MM009 Geometric

Titled: Abstract Hand Painting - MS017 in the Air

Always remember, the right frame is one that doesn't dominate the artwork. If you notice the frame first, it's too strong. The art always comes first: the frame is there to protect, to present and to complement.

Create your own & unique artwork 

I hope this short guide helps someone out there find that perfect frame to complement their oil painting. Don’t forget at we offer free framing and free canvas stretching with every canvas painting purchase. You can either choose the colour by yourself or consult with our expert to create an unique one.



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