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October 26, 2016 1 Comment

These days, we are completely inundated with variety of textures to choose from when it comes to designing our homely sanctuary.  Although pattern comes into a design scheme from virtually everything that is in the room, the most important patterns are in the wallpapers and curtains, upholstery and colourful rugs and especially the art work on your walls, as these cover the largest areas of each space.

Hand Painted Wall Art titled: Moment & Memory ($188 for each) 

For walls, the most popular patterns within artworks are generally stripes, florals and geometrics, as well as the artistic flair of delicate paintings printed to canvas that are available to really make your space, yours.

Canvas famous artist art print titled: Dance 1909 by Henri Matisse ($97.99) 

Stripes may be particularly appropriate in more formal rooms, such as dining rooms or elegant sitting rooms.

Abstract Canvas Art Print in Green ($97.99 each) 

While simple florals are most often used for informal living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms for a softer, more comforting feel.

            Watercolour Flower Canvas Print  ($97.99 each)             

Flowers on a Veranda by Henri Matisse ($97.99)  

Geometrics in artwork introduce subtle texture to the room, revealing an interesting pattern and artistry when observed more closely.

Canvas famous artist art print titled: Memory Of Oceania 1952 ($79)

The key to successful decorating is a subtle combination of different patterns, colours and texture. Patterns can be combined in several ways to create a successful decorative colour scheme, with some abstract patterns bringing an intoxicating balance to a space such as ginghams and simple country florals, or chevron grey and white stripes with ocean inspired artwork. Textures bring the space alive through pops of artwork and other decorative homeware elements. The hand painted wall art titled ‘Turquoise Blue’ (pictured below) is the perfect piece for any space, as the colours and fluidity of stroke calm and inspire simultaneously.

Hand Painted Wall Art titled: Turquoise Blue ($129)


If you fall in love with a beautiful floral artwork for your bedroom, choose simple striped or neutral tones in your fabrics such as your bedspread, or perhaps a small checked fabric on a classic corner chair. Alternatively, choose one of the colours in your artwork that pops to you, and make that the linking colour between the artwork and through cushions and other decorative finishing’s to create a beautiful synergy of design and personality.

MeMe Art, Perth

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January 09, 2018

Hi there, I have a range of artwork (including unframed canvases & framed watercolours & photographs of different sizes) I would like to hang on a wall 2.6 metres wide by 2.3 metres high. I am looking for the flexibility to move it all around every now and again. Which hanging system would you recommend? I would like to install something in white just below the coving I think. Thanking you, Rachel

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